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                首頁 > Visit Guide

                Visit Guide

                Date: August 28th-30th,2019

                Venue: Shanghai New International Exhibition Center

                Opening Time 

                August  28, 8:30-16:30

                August  29, 8:30-16:30

                August  30, 8:30-16:00

                Admission Rules and Regulations 

                The exhibition is specially designed for professionals in the industry.

                Students and children under 18 will NOT be allowed to enter the hall. 

                All visitors must register for show admission. 

                Online Pre-registration 

                To skip on-site registration and enjoy show privileges, please click to Pre-registration.

                Successful pre-registrants need print out the confirmation email (with visitor registration code) and present it with 2 business 

                cards (name cards) at the on-site Pre-registered Visitor Counter to redeem admission badge. 

                On-site Registration 

                Visitors with invitation tickets are required to fill out a registration form at the From Filling Counter upon arrival (located at main entrance of the venue). 

                Then proceed to Visitor Registration Counter and present the filled form to redeem admission badge. 

                Trade visitors without invitation tickets are also entitled to free admission by following the above on-site registration procedure for admission.