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                首頁 > Scope of Exhibits

                Scope of Exhibits


                Six major themes and exhibition scope

                Fresh fruit: fresh fruit, fresh cut and convenient products, organic products, e-commerce, chain brands.

                Fruit process finished products: frozen fruit, dehydrated fruit, canned fruit, juice, jam, dried fruit, preserved fruit, nuts, urban farms, etc.

                Fruit deep processing technology & equipment: grading sorting, intelligent detection, conveying, cleaning, juicing, peeling and nucleating, crushing, cooking, filtration separation, CIP cleaning, sterilization, concentrated evaporation, drying and cooling, automatic control system; cleaning processing line, fruit processing equipment, fruit cleaning equipment; juice production line, fruit detection and analysis equipment; anti-counterfeiting packaging technology & equipment, etc.

                Fresh distribution operations and technology: cold chain and distribution services, fresh e-commerce, food preservation equipment, refrigeration equipment, cold chain storage and handling equipment, refrigeration materials and accessories, etc.

                Fruit planting and post-harvest technology: fruit seeds, seedlings, cultivation techniques, fertilizers, soil amendments, greenhouse equipment, automated control systems, irrigation, pest control equipment, preservation technology, packaging materials, packaging boxes , packaging equipment, storage equipment, inspection and quarantine equipment and institutions, moisture analyzer, soil testing, sugar testing.

                Fresh retail and technical equipment: commercial information management system, fresh e-commerce system, commercial warehousing and logistics system, store management information, label printing equipment.

                Expo Info