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                首頁 > Exhibition Introduction

                Exhibition Introduction

                Shenzhen International Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo 2019 

                Date : 21-23 Nov, 2019        Avenue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center ( Fuhua Road 3 )


                Host and Strategic Partner

                Shenzhen Fruit Industry Association

                Shenzhen Vegetable Wholesale Association

                ITE (Asia)Exhibition Co., Ltd

                Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


                 Guangdong Fruit Industry Association

                 Huizhou Fruit Industry Association

                Dongguang Fruit Industry Association


                Shanghai Aige Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


                Guangdong economy developed, and the adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and southeast Asia closely linked, the fruit industry of guangdong have right place, right time and the development of advantageous conditions, comes at a time when the new period of reform and opening-up, not only displays in horticultural crops, including fruit, more attention because of the high efficiency, and increasing demand of high quality agricultural products, fruit industries have a good development opportunity in guangdong.
                Shenzhen is China's earliest fruit circulation, the most complete system of the region, once occupied the leading position of the pearl river delta region fruit export circulation industry.
                    The 2019 Shenzhen International & Vegetable Industry Expo responds to the 19 "Rural Revitalization Strategies" and facilitates the integrated development of urban and rural areas.We will actively promote the development of China's fruit industry and help farmers fight poverty alleviation and become rich.Also for shenzhen "Big Fruit Plate" to make a contribution.This exhibition will gather resources from all sectors of society, exert industrial agglomeration effect, make efforts to build B2B and B2C international exchange platform, establish the fruit and vegetable industry exhibition brand, walk in the forefront of the industry, and lead the development of fruit and vegetable industry!Let the world enjoy the good life of fruit.

                Expo Info